Sit or Stand?

One of the primary methods of deer hunting is to hunt from a tree stand.  There are two options for being in the tree stand: sit or stand.  Which is best?

The benefit of sitting is that you will be more comfortable and sit more still.  Not moving will mean that you will spook fewer deer.  So by sitting you can stay comfortable longer and spook fewer deer.

The bad part of sitting in a tree stand is that you cannot shoot behind you or to your right (if you are right handed).

The benefit of standing is that you can very easily move to shoot in any direction around the tree, except for straight behind you.

And the downside is that by standing for several hours you will get uncomfortable and fidget more than you would were you sitting.  The fidgeting will be noticeable by deer and fewer of them will come close to you.

Which is best?

Both have a good point and a bad point.  I don’t know which is best, but I do know what is worst.  If you sit for a while, then stand, then sit, etc., then sooner or later, a deer will catch you halfway between sitting and standing and you will need to freeze to avoid spooking the deer.

Pick one: sit or stand,  And stick with it.


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