Shooting muzzleloaders can be fun.  In many states there is a dedicated muzzleloader deer season.  This was put in place so that hunters could claim that they are forced to use more traditional weapons, for more of a challenge.

Here in Wisconsin the muzzleloader rules have been relaxed.  You don’t need to unload your gun while traveling (just remove the primer) ‘scopes with magnification are allowed, etc.  This, with the advances in modern muzzleloaders, means that the only drawbacks for hunters using them is the slow second shot and the pain that they are to clean.

We now have nine days of a rifle, or shotgun, or pistol, or crossbow, or muzzleloader season, then the next seven days are a dedicated muzzleloader season.  This is an irritant.  Why not allow the use of whatever firearm during the firearm season.

Were I in charge of the regulations for the Wisconsin firearm deer seasons the first thing that I would do is combine the standard season with the muzzleloader season.

The way the rules work are just complex and seemingly designed to make following the rules as difficult as possible.

What’s the difference in hunting with a rifle, a shotgun, or a muzzleloader anyway?

If you are forced to hunt with a muzzleloader, or miss hunting days, then buy a very modern one (even those that are ten years old are much worse) and run a cleaning patch through after every shot.  They can be a big pain to clean after several shots.

In conclusion: our hunting regulations are stupid and hunting with muzzleloaders is more of a cleaning pain than a memory of a time when muzzleloaders were all that was available.


2 comments on “Muzzleloaders

  1. Bill Powell says:

    I like this site. I added you to my blogroll as soon as I found it. Do you have some pics of your trophy’s? I’ll post them on my site and tell me where I can send a few to you.

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