How You Should Improve Your Hunting Property Right Now

In my last post I pointed out that food, water, and cover are the three things that deer need. I also said to focus you effort on whichever needs the most improving. This is good advice but is not appropriate for immediately after you acquire a new hunting property.

Once you acquire a new hunting property you should clear cut most of it immediately. Wait to have it cut no later than the first spring after you acquire the property. Cutting down lots of trees has all sorts of benefits but the deer will not see any improvement until a year after you cut. Cut immediately so that and in three or four years you will have the best deer bedding area in the area.

Once you have cut down most of your trees you should plant some more. Apple trees, pear trees, oak trees, etc will take a few years to produce their fruits and nuts, so the sooner you start, the sooner you will reap your rewards. You should have a few thousand dollars from the loggers, so put some of that towards planting lots of fruit and nut trees right away.

Planting a thicket of cover trees should be done immediately too. Here in Wisconsin white pine trees that are 12-18″ tall are very easily planted and, if planted in groups, will provide cover from 5-15 years after they are planted. After that they get too big.

Improve or add food, water, and cover to your hunting properties as time, and money, allows but you should not wait to clear cut or plant trees. The longer you delay, the longer you will need to wait so see any reward.

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One comment on “How You Should Improve Your Hunting Property Right Now

  1. tyler says:

    Adding food and water features is a great way to enhance your property for hunting.

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