The Biggest Bucks

I thought that I would take a look at the biggest whitetail deer bucks.

The world record typical whitetail buck was shot by Milo Hansen in 1993 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Its net Boone & Crockett score is 213 5/8.


The world record non-typical whitetail buck was found in Missouri. Its net Boone & Crockett score is 333 7/8.


Those two bucks are about as big as they grow naturally. However, you can shoot a bigger buck if you want to.

This buck lives on a farm in Wisconsin and is used to breed other bucks. His name is Ballistic.


He can be found at Wild River Whitetails located in Fence, Wisconsin.

You can shoot one of the great big bucks that they have there, for a price.

Regular Pricing

Bucks scoring up to 145 SCI – $2,800
Bucks scoring 146 to 165 SCI – $5,000
Bucks scoring 166 to 180 SCI – $7,500
Bucks scoring 181 to 189 SCI – $9,500
Bucks scoring 190 to 199 SCI – $11,000
Bucks scoring 200 to 210 SCI – $13,000
Bucks scoring 210 – 219 – $15,000

Bucks over 240 are individually priced
White and pied deer are an extra $2,500.

There are other places, like 4M Whitetails in Texas that grow great big bucks too. Gladiator’s Hammer, 4 years old scoring 357


So, if you have a lot of money, then you can shoot as big of a buck as you want, and can afford.

I thought that this is useful to know, just to round out your information about whitetail deer bucks.

Note that not all people, or even all outdoorsmen, like breeding really big bucks.

from The Wild Side:

Now, since this is my blog, I will express several of my own personal beliefs.

I don’t believe in genetic manipulation for the purpose of sport. Just isn’t for me.
I don’t believe in high fences.
I don’t believe shooting deer with a rifle to be hunting…sporting yes, but not what I define as “hunting”.
I believe we need tougher gun laws and better enforcement.
I’m not smart enough to know what that should look like.
I am a gun owner.
I think too many idiots are speaking out on behalf of gun owners.
I think most of those idiots should not own a gun.
Owning a gun does not make me feel any more or less safe.
I think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Are you still reading?

(I disagree with all of the previous points; except the “I own a gun” and the last point, upon which I have no opinion.)

While I will admit that shooting one of these bucks seems a lot like prostitution, its not my job to worry about what anyone does on their own time, and on their own dime.

If I had several thousands to spend on my hunting then I’ll be saving for an elephant hunt, or to improve my hunting land, or buy more land. But I don’t look down at those of you who raise or shoot these deer. I like seeing what is possible, and there is a lot to learn from places like this.

If I was worth millions, then I might spring for one of those great big deer.

I say, do what you think is best for you and your deer.


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