Hunting Apparel: Upper Body

The name of the game in hunting deer from treestands is being out there a lot. You will not be out a lot, nor will you stay out in the woods for as long as you should if you are uncomfortable.

If there is one area of hunting clothing that I have figured out, then this is it.

The way I dress is: usual shirt, plus my Cabela’s Windshear Upland Sweater, a heavy hooded sweatshirt, a medium camouflage coat, and maybe an orange vest (if its legally required by law). And that’s it, I add, and remove, as necessary. If its 70 degrees, then I’ll wear my usual shirt and coat. If its -10, I’ll wear all of it.

It doesn’t seem to me that having the tight under layer makes much difference on the body where warmth goes. My toes are my personal liability in the cold and my toes prevent me from staying out long before my body gets cold.

The camouflage coat I currently have is of a medium weight, not too heavy for 70 degrees and not real light either. Erring on the light side is fine because the added layers underneath will give you the warmth needed in the cold. Make sure that you buy a coat a few sizes too big so that you can fit layers underneath, but it should not be so big that it is loose.

My current coat is a Scent-Lok Timberfleece. It is undoubtedly the best coat that I have ever had.


A scent-proof coat can’t hurt, but isn’t necessary so long as you are careful about yourself and your clothing not getting too smelly. I couldn’t care less about the camo pattern. Wash it infrequently as repeated washings will increase the UV glow.

One thing that always bugs me about other hunters is when they wear their camouflage coats when they are not hunting. The only thing that will happen is that the coat will acquire smells that the deer will notice.

Don’t wear your hunting clothes when you are not hunting!

I have a heavy hooded sweatshirt that I wouldn’t hunt in the cold without. A hood reduces your ability to hear, but no other item will keep your neck or ears warm in extreme cold or wind.

My Cabela’s WindShear Upland Game Sweater is my all-time favorite article of clothing. I cannot sing its praises high enough. So, of course, you can’t buy one anymore. There are other WindShear sweaters, buy a heavy one.


You are much warmer while walking than sitting, but I have worn my windshear sweater and a t-shirt in negative temperatures with 20 mph winds and laughed at the cold.

Buy a windshear coat or sweater!

Wear you usual t-shirt, or whatever, underneath. Make sure that it doesn’t smell, and you don’t either.

If you are legally required to wear orange, or white, during certain seasons, then get a vest in the appropriate color. It needn’t add any warmth, only color.

The first day I wore my sweater and hooded sweatshirt:

164 deer 8, 2008


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