The Offseason

Once the deer hunting season ends, there are still things to do.

One thing to look at is your equipment. If something needs to be fixed, or improved, then now is the time to do it.

Right after the season ends is often the best time to buy new stuff. Retailers will have bought a lot of stuff ahead of the hunting season. Many of them will have things left over after the season. Some retailers will save their over bought products for next year, but many will just want to get rid of the stuff. That may mean lower prices for you.

Now is probably the best time to buy a new bow. Unlike guns, compound bows improve every year. Your bolt action rifle has not been dramatically improved since 1898. But compound bows will have dates on them and the bow manufacturers will have a new model next year. What store wants to be selling last years model? Check all your local sporting goods stores to see if they have the bow you want for less than it was a few months ago.

Its not just bows that improve each year, although they are what improves most dramatically. Catch up on any hunting news and research your next product purchases. You should have some more time now to read about the new things that you may want to buy.

Its also a good time to read books about hunting. Sitting in front of a fireplace reading some classic hunting books on cold winter days sounds like a fine thing to do. Its too bad that not many of us take the time to do that sort of thing.

A couple of hunting authors that you may want to read:

Jack O’Connor

Jeff Cooper
Elmer Keith
Gordan Macqurrie

It’s also very enjoyable to read books on hunting outside of North America. Which means Africa, of course.

Fredirick C. Selous
W.D.M. Bell
Arthur Neumann

If there is one thing that you should do once the season ends, then that is to have loggers cut down a bunch of your trees. Cut trees will leave room for fresh plant growth. That fresh plant growth is browse (deer food) and cover once it reaches a certain size.

Cutting a few acres of trees will give you better deer cover than you are likely to have any other way. The biggest bucks want to live in the thickest cover they can find. If you don’t have the thickest cover in the area, then make it.


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