Deer Window Stickers

Its been a while since I posted here. I went to The Private Man’s meet up and didn’t feel like posting for a while.

I plan on posting about every Tuesday and Thursday during the off season. I need to spend more time on my hunting book.


One thing that I notice about other hunters is their desire to decorate their trucks with stickers of deer. Its one thing to have a sticker that says, “I hunt;” like this one:


It is stupid, I think to have a sticker on your truck of other people’s deer. I have seen many trucks with window stickers showing off famous large bucks shot by other guys. Why would you do that? Do you have pictures of other guy’s wife and kids in your wallet too?

(Apparently you can buy a reproduction of some of those big bucks too.)

If you are going to have a deer sticker on your truck, then get something like the Browning Buckmark.

Having your sticker say: “I paid a company to do their advertising for them.” is better than saying, “Sombody else shot a big deer.”

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One comment on “Deer Window Stickers

  1. Bill Powell says:

    The best sticker I ever saw was one that portrayed the crosshairs of a scope and two deer in the scope view, with the deer obviously going to be missed if the shot was taken. The name of the hunting club was underneath it, A.S.S. Ain’t Shot Shit Hunting Club. Funny as hell.

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