Adventures in Hunting Property Ownership

Last Friday my dad and I went to our hunting property to burn brush piles and see if any trees had fallen across any roads. There was still some snow on the ground and some melting.

For about the third time we got a truck stuck on the road on the way in. You wouldn’t think that a 4×4 truck would get stuck in 8 inches of snow, but when it is wet and heavy it packs tight.

We didn’t have a winch, or chain, or shovel, or anything to help us get out. (Our shed’s door was also frozen shut.) We were totally unprepared and at 4:45 on a Friday night. When we saw that we would not be able to push it out we called for a tow truck. (My U.S. Cellular phone works nearly everywhere. Dad’s AT&T phone works nearly nowhere outside of large cities.)

The tow truck driver asked where we were. “Oh,” he said, “over by [redacted] just past the [redacted]. I was there last week. Got stuck, can’t come.”

We ended up getting the guy who does all of our excavating to come out with his bigger heavier truck and a a big strap. Its good to know people out in the country with big trucks.


One year our hunting property was logged. The loggers did not haul the logs out very quickly so they ended up digging big ruts in muddy spring road.

Later on dad was driving my truck into the land and he got it stuck by having the wheels not touching the bottom of the ruts and having the bottom of the truck sitting on the mound in the middle of the road.

I remember him saying, “You’ve never gotten your truck stuck before, have you?” I responded, “I didn’t get it stuck this time.”


1. Gravel roads are better than mud.
2. Be prepared to dig yourself out of snowy roads.

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