Madison Deer & Turkey Expo

I went to the Madison Deer & Turkey Expo this past weekend.

Some thoughts:

Whitetail antlers that score more than 170 net are very big and not uncommonly killed in southwestern Wisconsin.

The Muddy treestands, that I thought were the best, if you ignore the price, have bad seats.

It would seem that Gorilla makes the best treestands.

Small tractors, used primarily for food plots can sell for more than $20,000.

There isn’t a whole lot of new hunting stuff to see.

Who buys all of the clothes with all of the logos on it?

I felt left out because I did not have deer related window stickers on my truck.

Several bucks scoring better than 200 were shot during last year’s deer firearm season in southwest Wisconsin.

A lot of stuff gets sold at those shows. I wonder if I’d want a fixed rate or a percentage if I ran the expo.


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