Bow Sights

So, I’m looking up product recommendations for my forthcoming book, becasue the bow equipment that I have is state of the art…2007, so I can’t recommend that.

I’ve gotten to the bow sight recommendation and IQ bow sights comes up as the first in a search of bow sight manufacturers.

It turns out that they want $200 for their four pin sight that I think looks good.

But at $200 for a bow sight they must be out of their tiny little minds.

Or that’s what I thought until I discovered that nearly all new bow sights are at least $100. Bow equipment is constantly improving by leaps and bounds, but the prices are double what they were just a few years ago.


Irish Setter Boots

Four deer hunters I know (including me) tried replacing their leather hunting boots with rubber boots last year. We all ended up getting rid of them becasue they were too uncomfortable. My dad and I tried Muck boots, my uncle tried LaCrosse, and another hunter tried some other brand. I also tried some Scent-Shield boots. They were all junk.

I’d rather go barefoot than wear Muck boots. When it is time to get wet I wear my light hunting boots and just get wet rather rub all the skin off my heels, even through two pairs of socks.

I needed rubber boots this past weekend and got some Irish Setter rubber boots. They were excellent.

Easily the best pair of hunting boots that I’ve ever tried. The pair I bought cost around $130, but that’s a small price to pay for dry feet and for the skin on the back of my heels.

Rubber boots contain scent a lot better than leather boots. But leather boots are more comfortable, and more wearable, unless you get some by Irish Setter.

I’m adding this to my personal list of hunting products that are just better than their alternatives:

Irish Setter boots
Toyota trucks
Whisker Biscuit arrow rests
Cabela’s Windshear sweaters

Tony LaPratt’s Ultimate Land Management

Tony LaPratt spent a lot of time watching deer and he has improved his property for shooting big bucks.

I went to his Ultimate Land Management Boot Camp and was very impressed. He wants to keep his ideas to himself, unless you pay to visit his camp; so I won’t comment on its specifics.

Highly recommended.

Tony’s ULM Highly recommended.