Bow Sights

So, I’m looking up product recommendations for my forthcoming book, becasue the bow equipment that I have is state of the art…2007, so I can’t recommend that.

I’ve gotten to the bow sight recommendation and IQ bow sights comes up as the first in a search of bow sight manufacturers.

It turns out that they want $200 for their four pin sight that I think looks good.

But at $200 for a bow sight they must be out of their tiny little minds.

Or that’s what I thought until I discovered that nearly all new bow sights are at least $100. Bow equipment is constantly improving by leaps and bounds, but the prices are double what they were just a few years ago.


2 comments on “Bow Sights

  1. thedeerpros says:

    Hello Tim
    I have not shot the IQ sights so I can not offer opinion. I can however recommend using a single pin sight with a round pin guard. The round pin guard will help you unconsciously center the pin on the intended target. Also the single pin will have a less cluttered sight picture and reduce the tendency for target panic. I have an HHA single pin adjustable sight and love it for deer hunting. I would suggest you give them a look.

    good luck

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