When you are preparing a spot of land for a food plot one of the first things you will do is spray the present weeds with a herbicide.

The herbicide is RoundUp. RoundUp is expensive and many people do not want to patronize the company that produces it, Monsanto.

The active ingredient in RoundUp, or alternatives is glyphosate.

The herbicide that you use will have the following on its label:

Active Ingredients: 41% Glyphosate
Inactive Ingredients: 59%

41% Glyphosate
is what you want to look for.

Pronto’s Big N’ Tuf is a cheaper alternative to RoundUp.


2 comments on “Herbicides

  1. John says:

    Why use Glyphosate unless you are trying to kill everything and start from scratch? If you’ve got decent grass in the plot just use a broadleaf herbicide instead and then use a “No Till” seed drill to plant the cultivars you want to establish.

    • Tim says:

      Starting from nothing is often the case for new food plotters. And new hunters is the target audience for this blog. The broadleaf stuff has ts uses, though.

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