Is Cold; Deer Need Food

Its December now, and that means that much of the whitetail deer habitat is covered in snow. The snow, and the fact that deer need more calories to keep their bodies warm, means that wherever there is deer food, there will be deer.

Find the food; find the deer.

One other note is that “deer corn” is made up of corn that is unsuitable for farm animals. “Deer corn” may contain diseases, or other bad shit.

If you want to feed your deer corn, then go to a feed mill and get livestock quality corn.

Oh…and putting a few pounds of food out today won’t bring deer running in today. To get constant deer action you need a regular supply of food in the same place all the time.

Baiting isn’t your only option either. You can plant foods that aren’t eaten until it gets cold. I have lots of turnips which aren’t eaten until the frost turns the starches into sugar.

Give food lots of a variety of foods and maintain the supply so the deer always know where to look.

(And watch your local baiting laws. Don’t blame me if you break your laws.)


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