Hunting vs. Everything Else

I’m pretty good at shooting hunting whitetail deer. I generally do better than everyone that I know. Excepting a few guys twice my age, I’ve shot more an bigger deer than anyone that I’ve met.

One reason for this is because I have spent more time in the woods than anyone that I know.

My dad decided long ago that he would spend his time hunting whitetail deer and catching muskies. Rather than do everything “half-assed” he decided to get good at two things only.

An awful lot of people try to catch all types of fish, hunt all kinds of animals, watch all sorts of TV, and so on.
Spending your time split amongst lots of things means that your experience in any one of them will be limited and your results will suffer.

If you only spend a few days per year doing something, then it will take you a lot of years to get any good at it.

I’d guess that I spent about as much time in a tree as the average guy does in five years. I’m getting five of their years of experience in one year. That means ten of their years of experience in two years. Very quickly my increased experience should hugely surpass the average hunter. Even if I’m not as smart, not as talented, more stubborn, etc. the vast experience that I have in the woods should give me an advantage over the average hunter.

Another way that spending your time on few rather than many hobbies improves your success is in the costs associated with participating.

Buying a rifle, and a muzzle loader, and a bow is expensive. If I also need to buy a fishing boat, a snowmobile, a motorcycle, a big tv, a big house, travel the world, etc, then the only way I can do everything is do do everything on the cheap. Most of us cannot afford to by all of the best stuff for every hobby that we have.

Buying lots of cheap stuff means we’ll end with lots of junk and nothing of quality. This will negatively affect your success. If you don’t know the name of your riflescope and I have a Swarovski on mine, then I’ll gain maybe a half hour of extra time at the beginning and ending of each day when it is too dark for you to see. Big bucks rarely appear during the day, and often appear at dawn and dusk. If I can see them and you can’t then don’t be surprised when I shoot more and bigger bucks than you.

One more problem with spreading your hobbies around is that you’ll often miss the best days.

As far as hunting and fishing goes some days are awful, many days are bad, some days are good, and a few days are awesome. The more days in the field, or on the lake, means that you’ll be more likely to hit the best days.

When its cold, windy, raining and you’re watching football, I’ll be up a tree.


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