How to Identify Good Hunters

As it turns out, there are three ways to identify good deer hunters.

The first way is to notice the guys who wear their hunting clothing outside of the woods.

“I’m a hunter, proud of it (or to cheap to buy another coat), and I don’t care about all the smells I’m adding to my hunting clothing,” they seem to say.

The next way to identify a good deer hunter is to notice how many of his hunting products have TV show logos on them. Because if you don’t have the logo of a TV show on each of your things, then you have low quality stuff. And your stuff certainly won’t attract all the deer and girls, or whiten your teeth while you sleep like stuff with TV show logos on them do.

The most important way to identify good deer hunters is by seeing if the guy has lots of stickers on his truck advertising all the companies from who he bought all of his stuff.

No truck stickers = Not a good deer hunter

That reminds me; always remember to wear hats that have the name of the company of the bow you have, or aspire to have. Otherwise I won’t know if you’re a good hunter.


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