Reducing your Property Search

If you’re not where the deer are, you won’t shoot any.

The first “trick” in being a successful deer hunter is hunting where the deer are. If you do not have access to hunting land, then you need to get access.

A rough way to find where to get land in your state is to look at the various end of season reports on how the deer kills went this past year. Right about now you should be able to find your local outdoors magazines posting these reports.

If lots of deer, and/ or, lots of big bucks have been shot in an area, then its probably pretty good. In my experience, fishermen lie about where fish were caught, but do not lie about which county their deer are shot in; even if they are not specific about exactly where.

One thing to keep in mind about these hunting reports is that places with lots of deer killed may be more a result of their being lots of hunters in that place.

Did you know that most shark attacks occur on friday, saturday, and sunday?
This is not becasue the sharks get hungry on weekends, but is instead a result of their being more people in the water on those days.

When I look at the results of the deer killed in my state of Wisconsin I often see lots of deer killed around Dane County. This is because there are lots of deer in that county and because Dane county is home to Wisconsin’s capital of Madison. And Madison is one of the largest population centers in Wisconsin.

Lots of hunters in in one area means lots of deer killed there, and lots of big bucks.

Lots of hunters means lots of competition for deer too. That competition can be fixed by just being better than your neighbors. This isn’t too hard to do. (Read my book for help in that area.)

The bigger problem comes from having more land buying completion, and therefore higher land prices.

A wise idea, when looking for land is to pay attention to big bucks mentioned in magazines, and elsewhere, that are shot in less populous areas. I often hear of big bucks being shot in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. This is a much smaller population than Dane county, and yet I often hear of big bucks shot in the county.

Areas that not uncommonly have big bucks have good potential to be good places to hunt. And the less populous areas can be better places to buy land than the places that have large populations.

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