New Stuff for 2014

Unlike many people, I don’t have heaps of interest in new gadgets. However, we approach the season of new stuff. And our first look comes from ‘s trip to an archery trade show.

Camoflage: don’t care – Deer don’t care if its Realtree or Mossy Oak brand camo

Camera stuff: don’t care – I wouldn’t want to watch footage of me sitting still in a tree, why would anyone else?

Scent control: don’t care – Don’t get smelly before hand, and don’t wear your hunting clothing out of the woods.

More Scent control: still don’t care

New treestand from Lone Wolf: $210 is too much for a stand that could be had from another company for less than $70. And this stand has given up all the advantages that their Alpha Hang On II (only acceptable stand on the market) has.

lone wolfxx

rage broadhead: more marketing than substance – If the old one was good, then why the complete overhaul?

I seem to be quite the downer on lots of stuff. Most new archery stuff (and everything else) is unnecessary and overpriced. You probably don’t need any of it.


2 comments on “New Stuff for 2014

  1. Jeff says:

    totally agree about all the scent killing crap on the market. Plenty of trophy deer get killed by normal hunters wearing normal clothes. Staying clean and using the wind is all you need to do.

    • Tim says:

      No way. In order to kill deer you need to have the logo from a TV show on all your clothes. Why else would those clothes cost so much?

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