Its Time to Buy Trees

Providing food for deer is not just planting some clover and corn, planting fruit and nut trees can add variety to a deer’s diet.  Now, the middle of winter, is a good time to order trees from places that will deliver them to you around April, just in time for planting.

In addition to food, deer need cover.  Having an area of coniferous trees will provide excellent cover for many years.  Once they get too big, they’ll no longer be cover.  Here in Wisconsin, my dad used to buy several thousand white pines each year.  He figures that around 80% survive.  These are excellent deer cover from around the fifth through the twentieth year after being planted when they were a foot tall.

There are many things that you need to know about trees:

  • Pears (I’m told) are easier to maintain than apple trees
  • You need more than one variety of apple/ pear trees in order to produce fruit (an orchard of only honey crisp apples will not produce fruit)
  • Most of the fruit and nut trees should be fenced and tubed, until they are big enough to survive the rabbits and deer that will eat them
  • The first year that you plant a tree it will usually not grow, becasue it is getting used to its surroundings, it’ll grow in year two
  • Lots of water can overcome an awful lot of problems like heat and poor soil
  • Pine trees grow faster, spruce trees provide cover for longer

There are lots of other things to know, but this should get you started.

One thing to look for in your tree varieties is the date of ripening.  Ideally you’ll have a group of trees that ripen the first week of the hunting season, and then you’ll know right were the deer will be.  Then another group of trees may ripen at varying points throughout the season, and so long as you know when those dates are, you can have a good idea of when want where the deer want to be.

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